Our Mission

We are a philanthropic U.S. based non-profit charitable organization incorporated in Virginia. We use 100% of all public donations to fund aid initiatives in a rural farming community in Mazowe. Donations are the life-blood of our continued efforts to positively sow into the lives of others through food aid and employment. Unlike other more tradition programs, the Zimbabwe Farm Project is predicated upon a support model which empowers self-sufficiency versus dependency. Our mission of implementing innovative solutions to decrease food insecurity is achieved using sustainable development and organic farming. Through local partnerships we have implemented clean water initiatives, employment, and donation of food to the Future of Hope orphanage which is adjacent to the farm. Your donations are needed to complete hygiene and sanitation improvements, hydroponic and renewable energy initiatives, bridging the digital divide, and building permanent housing.

We document our progress through videos and photos proving where every dollar goes and how your donations benefited the community and beneficiaries of the project. Since project inception in 2015 we have achieved a number of notable milestones, but so much more is required. Initially self-funded from the proceeds of my consultancy, the level of support required to scale is no longer sustainable, thus your financial support is crucial for us to continue the mission.

100% of donations are used for to fund program activities such as day-to-day management occurs in country. Program oversight is managed from the U.S. supplemented with quarterly trips to Zimbabwe to ensure strict adherence to program objectives.

Through a generous donation of airline tickets, we will be traveling to Zimbabwe on Wednesday, December 20, 2017  with our board members as part of program oversight. We will also use implement a strategy to introduce our produce into the supply chain, and to purchase much needed items like an in-ground septic tank, fencing to keep out the baboon troops, and seeds/fertilizer for the next planting season.

It is an exciting time in Zimbabwe, and we are grateful to God to have this opportunity to participate in meaningful way to improve the lives of citizens living in rural farming communities.  Social Entrepreneurship in Action!

When we return to the States in January, we will have many video interviews with the women and children who benefit from the program, as well as photos and videos of life in the country under new government leadership.

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Thanks for your help. Every dollar counts.

Ongoing successful harvests of organic crops with the future launch of hydroponic solar powered greenhouses

Installed a temporary water delivery system providing access to and storage of clean water for hygiene and irrigation

Unemployment reduced by hiring over 150 people for planting, harvesting, and to perform farm improvement activities

Priority hiring of women, local men perform heavy labor tasks, all are paid in U.S. dollars, and receive a portion of each harvest for their households

In a world full of competing needs and interests
our mission is clear

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi